COVID-19 Update

  •  In order to minimize the risk of the Coronavirus our doors will be closed to all “Walk in Customers” from March 16th to May 29th, 2020.  

  • Walk-Ins welcome starting June 1st.  Please check back periodically for any new updates as  we continue to evaluate the  trend of the virus and safety of our employees and customers.

  • We are currently only  open for business to customers with active accounts.  All Current Commercial Customers should contact your Salesperson to place orders and setup pickup times.


To Our Valuable Customers,

We are here for you...

This information is to update you regarding Sunbelt Supply LLC’s response to the unfolding novel Coronavirus COVID-19 health emergency with respect to business continuity. 

A few updates on what we are doing right now:

Sunbelt Supply LLC has been designated as an Essential Business during this critical time. We have taken proactive measures to address the challenges that COVID-19 brings and avoid any disruption to our services. 

We have taken steps to protect our employees by setting up work from home groups, shift staggering and social distancing. We believe we have taken above and beyond measures to protect all our staff members. This resolve will allow our team to continue to serve our customers.

We are grateful for the critical role many of our customers are playing in the battle against this pandemic, and we are committed to support you in these efforts. We value your business and appreciate your understanding during this global health emergency.


Karen Strickland

Sunbelt Supply LLC