Inventory Management


Procurement & Supply Chain Specialist

For the past 30 years we have learned a lot from our customers. Our business philosophy is to focus and understand how our  customers do business. 

Our customers do things slightly different than others, but most share the same issues in meeting production deadlines. We put together customized cost saving programs to help our 
customers reduce or eliminate long lead times.

We will.....

  • Identify the optimal supplier and procure your products for you based on your forecast
  • Maintain the required level of inventory in our warehouse
  • Deliver or ship your products to you when you need them with no wait time/lead time
  • Decrease or eliminate long lead times
  • Provide auto replenish programs


Inventory Management Programs


Freight Cost Reduction


Single POC Account Representative

  • Understands your business
  • Addresses all of your issues
  • Supports your business needs